Food Shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig

Food Shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig

You’ve struck lucky and you’re spending another few glorious weeks in Arisaig but what are you going to eat? There are some fabulous places to dine in or take away around but what about food shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig? Where can you do your food shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig? Do you need to pack the car/campervan full with food for your trip?

Well, no you don’t. Whilst we do sometimes stop off at Marks and Aldi at the retail park just after Fort William for a bit of luxury and some basics, we buy much of our food locally at shops in Arisaig and Mallaig.

You can also order online from Morrisons who deliver from Fort William. You need to be well organised as you’ll probably need to wait a couple of days for a slot. You’ll need the post code of where you’re staying to be able to place an order.

In Fort William, there’s also a Lidl behind Morrisons and a Tesco Express in the High Street and Home Bargains at the retail park. Going out of Fort William, you pass Poundstretcher on the left before the retail park and after the turn off to Mallaig, there’s a Farmfoods on the left and a small co-op in Corpach, also on the left.

Now let’s move on and see where to buy food in Arisaig and what you can buy.

(I have no affiliation with any of the food businesses listed nor are the listings sponsored in any way.)

Disclosure: When you make a booking or purchase through links on this site, I may earn commission from partners at no extra cost to you. This does not include any of the small local food businesses listed in this post with which I have no affiliation. Earning commission through other means helps me to build the site, support local business and bring you more great posts for an even better stay in Arisaig!

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Food shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig

Where to buy food in Arisaig?

Arisaig Supermarket

Arisaig Spar is probably your first stop to buy your essentials like milk and so on. They also have a reasonable range of frozen and refrigerated food items including ready meals.

Arisaig Spar tray bake

You can find almost all pantry items like pasta, sauces, herbs and spices, coffee, etc, plenty of snacks, fruit and veg and I may have eaten a few too many of their tray bakes already this year!

Apart from food, you can buy beach toys, magazines, cleaning products, batteries, etc. The Arisaig supermarket also doubles up as the local post office. They open from 8am to 8pm and are located on the water front in the village.

Arisaig Bread Shed

Arisaig Bread Shed produces a wonderful array of handmade baked items including croissants, pastries, loaves, focaccia and even pizza on pizza day and use mostly organic flours and the best products.

They post on their social media the day before what they’ll be baking and you can order in advance then pick up next day late morning. Check their Instagram here or their Facebook to see what they’re baking and place an order. You can also find their number on their Facebook page.

Arisaig Land, Sea and Islands Centre

Homemdade jam and tablet at Arisaig Land Sea and Islands Centre

This might be an unlikely contender for food shopping in Arisaig but I always nip into the shop to get some delicious home made preserves and sometimes a chutney. While you’re there, treat yourself to some homemade tablet too. (They also have lots of interesting non-food items such as books of local interest, stationery and gifts.)

Integrity Shellfish

Shellfish Integrity Ltd Arisaig

When I was wee, I remember my mum getting crabs at Mallaig to cook for our tea in the cottage but now I can just get them here in Arisaig. Integrity Shellfish sell their fresh catch of shellfish daily. You can find them here on Instagram and here on Facebook and see what they’ve caught for you to feast on.

Arisaig Shellshack

If you’d love some shellfish for your beach picnic but don’t want to cook it, then Arisaig Shellfish Shack is the place for you. Their shellfish platter includes lobster, crab, langoustine, mussels and sides. You can find them right next to the Arisaig Hotel and online right here

Caralisa fresh prawns and fish

Caralisa Fresh Prawns & Fish

We’re not done with fish yet! Caralisa Fresh Prawns & Fish deliver from the freshly caught catch to allocated points in Mallaig, Arisaig, Morar and surrounding areas. You can see their next delivery day and time on their facebook page here.

Iain’s Fish

For fish and other shellfish you might not find above, look out for Iain’s fish van coming from Fort William. He comes up every week, usually on a Thursday and he posts the details on Facebook of the next date and expected time at each spot between Arisaig and Mallaig along with what he has to offer. You can find his Facebook page here.

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Mallaig food shopping

If you’re staying in Morar or in Mallaig itself, food shops in Mallaig will be a bit handier for you and there are some extra delights for those staying in Arisaig.

Mallaig Supermarket

Mallaig supermarket Mallaig co-op

The Mallaig supermarket is the Co-op and is on the main road opposite the Bank of Scotland. It’s a bit bigger than Arisaig Spar so does have a bit more in stock. They also have fresh bakery items, cleaning materials and the usual things. It has three or four self-checkouts and it can get quite busy in the summer. They open from 7am to 10pm.

Harbour Shop

Apart from sweets, ice cream, etc, at the Harbour Shop, you can find Knoydart venison burgers, steaks and more in the freezer. Perfect if you’re self-catering or you want some to take home.

Andy Race Fish Merchants

You can never have too much fish when you’re staying at the seaside and a trip to Andy Race’s at the harbour lets you stock up on fresh langoustines, prawns, scallops and different types of fish. You can pick up some kippers for your breakfast too.

Jaffy’s Smokehouse

Still with fish, Jaffy’s Smokehouse at the harbour has a wide variety of smoked fish and also make up hampers. Another great gift to take home. You can also order online once you’re back home.

The Bakehouse

Next off, we have Mallaig Bakehouse rustling up tasty bread, croissants, ciabiatta, focaccia, cruffins, caramel shortbread, salted caramel brownie and a lemon meringue that looks just too pretty to eat!

Mallaig Bakery Mallaig Bakehouse

They are located at the Old Quay after the benches on Station Rd. You can buy at the bakery and also order online and collect. They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 3pm. They sell pizza in summer months between 5 and 9pm on Friday and Saturday. They also make cakes on order if you have a special occasion while you’re in Arisaig. Visit their website here to see more.

The West Highland Tea Company

West HIgland Tea Company shop Mallaig

The West Highland Tea Company is a family run business producing wonderful blends of teas, not only the popular ones, but also their own blends with a Scottish twist and all hand blended right here in Mallaig.

Apart from picking up some packs of tea for your cuppas whilst in Arisaig, why not get some hampers made up to take home for gifts. Imagine the delight of your tea-loving friends at West Highlands Earl Grey, Fairy Glen and Rhubarb and Ginger tea!

West HIgland Tea Company shop Mallaig

The West Highland Tea Company is one of the new shops in Mallaig and you can visit them in the Morrison Building on Station Road between 10am and 5pm (entrance is inside opposite the second book shop) and you can also order online at

Bloom and Graze

Bloom and Graze Mallaig

Our final stop on our food shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig journey is Bloom and Graze with their wonderful graze boxes. What more do you need than a nice tasty box of goodies to dig into whilst reading that book on a beautiful Arisaig beach?

Bloom and Graze Deli Mallaig

Visit the deli in the wonderfully converted horsebox on Davie’s Brae/Main Street to stock up on some sandwiches, sausage rolls and cakes for that picnic next to Loch Morar or hiking up Creag Mhor or you can sit and eat it on the small terrace. They have coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks too.

Visit their Instagram page here or their Facebook page to see all their delicious looking offerings or order for delivery or call 07920-464831. They can also cater to special occasions depending on availability. Mallaig food shopping has never been so good!

That rounds up our look into food shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig and I have to say it has become much more interesting the last years with the addition of these new small businesses so let’s do our best to support them and shop local. Don’t forget many of food shops in Mallaig can make up gifts to take back to friends and some can even deliver to your home.

If you’d like to learn more about Scottish food and drink, you can read more here.

If I haven’t included your local business selling food in Arisaig, Morar or Mallaig on this ‘food shopping in Arisaig and Mallaig’ post and you’d like to be added, just drop me an email at or send a message on social media.

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