Archery at Arisaig

Archery at Arisaig

Archery at Arisaig

Looking for the next of your fun things to do in Arisaig? How about trying your hand at archery at Arisaig? Or maybe you’re an old hand, then pop down and hone your skills or compete against your travel buddies.

Arisaig Archery

Arisaig Archery offer sessions for adults and children aged eight and up. Of course they only use real bows and arrows so your young ones that usually have toy ones might be well impressed! Bows come in different sizes so don’t worry that they’ll be too big to handle.

Arisaig archery

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience as you’ll start with a quick lesson on how to handle your bow and all the other things you need to know.

This activity is perfect in any weather but it’s especially a good one to remember if you happen to have a drizzly day. The area where your stand to shoot is covered so you just need to nip across to the target board to retrieve your arrows (assuming they all actually hit the target!)

Sessions start from 10am with the last at 5pm. If you’re with a big group, you might want to book the range off for a couple of hours.

fun things to do in Arisaig

You can find them next to Arisaig Hotel (so great for heading for lunch or dinner after!) and can contact them on 07479-793978. To see more, head over to their website and add this to your list of fun things to do in Arisaig!

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