Harry Potter Shop in Mallaig – Haggard Alley

Harry Potter Shop in Mallaig

Harry Potter Shop in Mallaig

If you’re staying in Arisaig and you love a bit of Harry Potter, don’t miss this wonderful little treasure, which is literally down an alley.

Once down the little alley, you’ll turn right to be welcomed by “Come in the Dumble’ door and you’ll know you’re in the right place!

Through the Dumble door and you’re in a treasure trove of Harry Potter merchandise, from Ravenclaw clothing to Gryffindor stationery, Hufflepuff jewellery to Slytherin banners, Golden Snitches to wands. We even bought a broomstick there (not the original Firebolt unfortunately to my daughter’s dismay).

The Harry Potter Shop in Mallaig is in what used to be Mallaig Police Station. You’ll be invited through to the back room to see the special merchandise but beware that this room was the old jail. Who knows who frequents such places, maybe a Hogwarts ghost lurking there having sneaked on the Hogwarts Express to Mallaig.

Haggard Alley

It goes without saying that the owner and staff of Haggard Alley are Potterheads and are very helpful and always ready for a chat, especially if it’s about Harry Potter.

Even if you’re not a fan, you might still find something you like in Haggard Alley or could buy a present for those fans in your family back home.

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